Androux – Book 1 – Volume 4

To Be Fair, You Need A High IQ To Understand Androux

Whilst this exciting dilemma was occurring, Androux and mayor Derkle were working on their master plan, it wasn’t going well… “So when we enter the prison, I go aaahh. After that you come in and commence the twiglet assault.” Androux explained. “I really think I should be the one to say aaahh” Derkle responded, “I have a much angrier sounding voice and it would catch the Jupitonians off guard”. “While that may be true, what we don’t want is to scare them into doing anything rash”. “Oh and I suppose you think a twiglet assault won’t do that then do you”. The two continued bickering until a third voice broke through. “I shall do it!”, the two stopped bickering and searched for where the voice came from; it was the white flower who had been idly chilling in Androux’s hair all this time. “I shall take the scream into Jupitor… though I could use some directions, I don’t know where ’tis”. Androux and Derkle stopped and contemplated this for a moment. “Shit” they both said in unison, for neither of them knew the way. “Well well well… you boys have had quite and adventure; let’s just say you light up my radar”. The three of them were completely horror struck; that voice… the unmistakable sound of the fearsome Father69, the King of the Internet Police.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” asked Mayor Derkle. “Of course it is, Mr Derkle, it’s been a long time” replied the terrifying figure. “Who?” asked Androux, looking very confused about the whole situation. “This is RickAndMortyFan69’s father, one of the highest ranking officers in the internet police. Aren’t you, SouthParkFan420?” “Ah so you know my real name” responded SouthParkFan420, “but please, call me ‘The King’”. SouthParkFan420 wasn’t actually the king of the internet police, or of anything else for that matter, he just likes to overcompensate because of how desperately insecure he is. “So you two know each other?” interjected the white flower. “I’ve had plenty of run-ins with the internet police” said Mayor Derkle, “particularly after that one time I posted a negative review of Breaking Bad on IMDB. So tell me Mr ‘The King’, what kind of devious schemes are you concocting this time?”  “I’m forming an alliance with the Jupitonians!” replied SouthParkFan420/The King/RickAndMortyFan69’s father.

“An Alliance?!!” Androux, Derkle and the White Flower all said in unison. “Forgive our shock” Androux began, “But those Jupitonians have taken RickAndMortyFan69, your son, hostage. Are you sure you want to form an alliance with them?” “That boy’s a pussy; always was. He could use the character-building experience” replied Mr The King, “In all honesty, I think y’all need the same thing.” Before any of them had a chance to respond, Mr The King snapped his fingers; several burley looking Jupitonians stepped forth and restrained Androux, Derkle and The White Flower. “You won’t get away with this!” Androux shouted angerily. “And just who might stop me?” Mr The King then turned his attention to Mayor Derkle. “You know I’ve been waiting a loong time for this Derkle”. “You sick fuck!” Derkle spat. Mr The King chuckled at Derkles anger, “Okay Boys, I think it’s time to subdue them now; put ’em away”. The Jupitionians did as they were told and Subdued the Androux Trio.

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