Introducing: Will Sell Cards For Food

I have an online trading card shop on Ebay now. Not making a big deal out it, just thought I’d put it out there. What am I selling? Yu-Gi-Oh! cards of course! You see, I’ve sunk an embarrassing amount of money into Yu-Gi-Oh! over the last few years, so I’d thought I’d try and make some of it back by selling cards I no longer need, for which I will probably use to buy more Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. And thus the ouroboros eats itself once more.

It’s not a big operation by any means, just a little side thing I’m doing. I’ve been running this little store for a few weeks now and it’s going quite well: I’ve made a few sales with no major hiccups so far. Plus I actually quite like doing it, so I’ll see where this takes me.

Here’s the link to my store anyway: willsellcardsforfood on eBay. So if you need some moderately expensive cardboard for a trading card game originally designed for children, you know where to find me.

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