My Yu-Gi-Oh! May 2023 banlist predictions – quick fire round

It’s just going to be a quick one this time around, because banlist time is near and I’ve got shit to do. Plus, you don’t need me to give you an intellectual breakdown on this incredibly mid format, so let’s just ready the guillotine.


Number 89: Diabolos the Mind Hacker

Number 89 reminds me of Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds and Archnemesis Protos, in the sense that it’s some random, obscure-ass old card that no-one cared about for ages, until Konami decided to make it playable in a modern deck (for some Godforsaken reason). And much like both of those aforementioned cards, absolutely everyone hates it.

Branded Expulsion

As much as I like Branded Despia, Expulsion never be used for anything but gimmicky floodgate nonsense, with a very strong emphasis on “gimmick”.

Some pre-emptive hit to Superheavy Samurais please for the love of God I can’t take this make it stop make it stop make it stop

Oh boy, I can’t wait to be dragged kicking and screaming back into 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh!. Hooooraaayyyyy.


Dimensional Barrier

Name one time a lingering floodgate has ever been a good idea for Yu-Gi-Oh!. Time’s up, there isn’t one.

Skill Drain

Name one time a floodgate has ever been a good idea for Yu-Gi-Oh!. Time’s up, there isn’t one.

Glow-Up Bulb

Whilst I’m convinced that GUB coming back will be basically fine, there is one thing that concerns me. Picture this scenario: your opponent has Glow-Up Bulb in their graveyard. Your opponent then chooses to activate its effect, sending the top card of their deck to the graveyard. The card they sent is Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard.

Kashtira Birth

Why does the effect to special summon a Kashtria monster from the graveyard or banished zone not target? I know that’s one of the last things to be concerned with regarding Birth, as it’s an extender, recovery, interruption, infinite grind game, waters your plants, does your cleaning and takes your dog for a walk, BUT WHY DOES THE SPECIAL SUMMON EFFECT NOT TARGET?

Spright Starter

It’s the Spright Starter that gets you to the Spright extender that enables the Spright win-condition. Seriously, what a lazy name for a card.

Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos

You know powercreep has gone pretty wild when it’s suggested that these assholes can come back to the game.

Orcust Harp Horror

This probably isn’t happening, but I know that the one time I don’t put Harp on here, is the time where it’ll finally be unbanned.

Block Dragon

I still pity Adamancipator for being one of the best decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! history, that no-one ever got to play at anything close to full power. It also rivals Lightsworn for being maybe the most indirectly nerfed deck of all time.

Runick Tip

Everyone hates this garbage.


Pot Of Prosperity

Play an obscene amount of money (cost), add any card from your deck to your hand.

Salamangreat Gazelle

Isaac Newton’s third law of Yu-Gi-Oh!, dictates that every Cyberse deck that’s not Mathmech is a worse version of Mathmech.

Spellbook Of Judgment

If you banned Jowgen this card could’ve come of the F/L list years ago.

Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole

Sky Striker in 2023 is basically just worse Runick.


Striker Dragon

The difference between 1 and 3 of this card is basically non-existent. What, do you think Dragon Link players are running multiple copies of Boot Sector Launch?

Draco Face-Off

What if Emergency Teleport was bad?

Tellarknight Ptolemaeus

Konami needs to sell that new Tellarknight support. Also the card is bad.

Ancient Fairy Dragon

There’s always the possibility that AFD will be busted out the ass in something, but I don’t think whether it’s limited or unlimited will be the deciding factor.

Spyral Qwik-Fix

In case you didn’t know: Spyral is garbage without Master Plan.

That’s it. That’s the article. I would end it with an absolutely hilarious joke, but having to play against Kashtira for several months has bored me so much, to the point where I am now just a hollow, empty, joyless vessel. Bye for now.

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