Androux – Book 1 – Volume 3

Androux: The Rise Of SouthParkFan420

“Look at what you’ve done!” said RickAndMortyFan69, crawling out of the wreckage. “Sorry about that” replied Androux, “I’ll be more careful next time”. “First of all you turn the entire Earth into an oyster and then you crash it into a planet that doesn’t even have a true surface, What is wrong with you?!” Exclaimed RickandMortyFan69.“You’re right, I really need to think more before I act and be more considerate of those around me, I can be really selfish sometimes” said Androux in a very apologetic tone. “It’s not that” responded RickandMortyFan69, “you’re completely ruining your character arc again! It’s clear you just did this just to SuBvErTeXpEcTaTiOns again for cheap shock value. Do you even know what good™ consistent™ writing™ is?” Androux began to reply; “Well that’s not entirely tr-”. “OH SHUT UP!” shouted RickAndMortyFan69 at Androux, cutting him off before he had a chance to finish his sentence. “This entire situation would be perfectly okay if there was more foreshadowing beforehand, now this entire arc feels completely RUSHED.” “More foreshadowing?” asked Androux. “Yes Androux, to directly quote the great playwright William Shakespeare, ‘the more foreshadowing there is, the gooder the writing gets.’”

Before Androux had the opportunity to retort, the Jupitonians, who had been standing idly by while Androux and RickAndMortyFan69 had their domestic, stepped in and took RickAndMortyFan69 having mistaken him for the driver. This left Androux with a choice; Androux was beginning to feel that RickAndMortyFan69 was perhaps not as wise as previously thought and this could present an excellent opportunity to be rid of him for good. Unable to decide what to do he called on an old friend for advice. “Mayor Derkle, I know we haven’t exactly been on good terms recently but I need your help; I have this new advisor who’s a bit of a dick, he’s been taken by the Jupitonians and on the one hand I want to leave him there and be rid of the blight on my life he has become but on the other hand that just feels… wrong.” “Androux” Mayor Derkle began, “I know I said some things back then, I was disappointed in your uncharacteristic mistake but I admit I went too far. The truth is you’re a dependable and decent Human/Meth hybrid; whatever I tell you means nothing because you know in your crusty heart what to do.” “You’re right!” Androux replied, “I wouldn’t be me if I simply left him to rot on Jupiter, I have to get him out of there! But I’m going to need help…” “Say no more!” Derkle exclaimed.

RickAndMortyFan69 had been imprisoned by the Jutiponians. Whilst he was locked up in his cell, he began to reflect on his life. He started to think about his father, whom he loved very much as he learned everything he knew from him. *Flashback to RickAndMortyFan69’s childhood* “Daddy, can you tell me more about character arcs?” RickandMortyFan69 asked his father. “Of course son. Now never forget this; there are two kinds of writing in this world. There’s good writing, and then there’s bad writing. Good writing is when a story caters to your personal pre-existing fan-theory, bad writing is when it doesn’t” he told him. “But daddy, what about stories that deliberately deviate from established conventions in order to make a bolder artistic statement?” he asked his father again. “Nah son” he replied, “That shits’ gay.”

What if he was wrong? It was a thought which had never occurred to RickAndMortyFan69 before; but now here, sitting in a Jupitonian prison he was experiencing just that thought. The question about his father being wrong raised further questions as well. If that solid advice was wrong or somehow outdated, does that mean to say that RickAndMortyFan69himself was wrong to have been so judgemental of Androux when his arc deviated from what he anticipated? “Oh my god!” RickAndMortyFan69 exclaimed, “I’ve ruined my own character arc!”

Whilst RickAndMortyFan69 was experiencing this great inner conflict, his father magically appeared in front of him. “Hello son.” “Father! How on Earth did you get here!” exclaimed RickAndMortyFan69. “You know that the internet police can detect wrongthink from thousands of miles away, you lit up on our radar like a Christmas tree,” explained his father. ‘He must have detected me when I was questioning the advice he gave me as a child,’ RickAndMortyFan69 thought to himself, ‘the internet police don’t take too kindly to people subverting expectations.’ “Did all those lessons I taught you as a child mean nothing to you? All those lessons about character arcs, the difference between good and bad writing, about how it’s perfectly okay to send death threats to actresses if you don’t like their performance in a new Star Wars film?” his father questioned him. “But father, isn’t it somewhat reductionist to boil something as complex and nuanced as storytelling into two simple categories, thus completely defeating the purpose of understanding works of art on a deeper level?” he asked his father. “Do you think being an intellectual™ film™ critic™ is about respecting artistic expression and all that nonsense? Of course it isn’t! It’s all about being right and proving how right you are to everyone else! The more validation you get for being right, the more righter you are! Also Kelly Marie Tran had that shit coming” responded his father, putting his son’s queries to rest. “I think….. I understand now” said RickAndMortyFan69. “Thank you father. To think I was almost experiencing independent thought there for a second. By the way could you let me out of this cell?” “Nah” replied his father, vanishing into thin air.

Book 1