Androux – Book 1 – Volume 6

Androux VI: Me-Me's-Quest

Thousands of miles away, the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon was making its way to the crashed space oyster. In the village of Flargleteegibbernet located on the east side of the oyster, a woman named Me-Me was sleeping soundly, only to be awoken by the unmistakeable sound of a giant dragon crash landing onto her allotment shed. Me-Me made her way downstairs to greet the dragon. “Wow, a Blue-Eyes” she said, “I’ve always wanted to see one of these!” The great white beast took a moment to recover from the crash and surveyed the landscape. “Oh mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon, what brings you to our humble village?” asked Me-Me, staring up at the majestic creature. The dragon let out an ear-piercing roar and began its white-lightning attack, burning a large portion of the village to the ground. “Hmm, so you’re saying that there are some people far away from here, locked in a Jupitonian prison who need our help? Oh no!” replied Me-Me in shock. The Blue-Eyes nodded its head and began another white lightning attack, decimating another part of Flargleteegibbernet. “And they’ve got Steve as well? That can’t be, he’s the most important character in anything ever! We have to save him!” The Blue-Eyes nodded again before swinging its tail and knocking over Flargleteegibbernet’s clock tower. “And little Timmy got stuck down a well?” The Blue-Eyes shook its head this time, clearly signalling that this was in fact not the case. “Well if what you say about Steve being captured is true, we haven’t a moment to lose!” Me-Me climbed aboard the dragon and took flight to save Steve and the other significantly less important characters. The screams of the dying people of Flargleteegibbernet echoed into the night.

Androux woke up with a start. “So?” Mayor Derkle asked, “What did you see?”. “I saw a Princess, the Princess of Flargleteegibbernet; she’s on the… who the hell are you?”. Androux’s recount of his latest dream was cut short by him noticing an extra character was in their midst. Steve stared back, he really wasn’t much of a talker, in fact to date he had never uttered a single word; he was there though. “Oh of course” Androux said as he remembered Steve, “Anyway… A female character by the name Me-Me has boarded the Blue-Eyes White Dragon I summoned; it is taking her to our aid as I speak!”. “That’s excellent news!” Derkle exclaimed, “Looks like we have a way out of this after all!”. Through the excitement cut a resentful voice, “I think my father would be intrigued by this information, it might just be enough to secure my freedom!” spat RickAndMortyFan69. “Oh come on 69! You’re better than this; you’re not like your father, we’ve seen that you’re capable of a more open mind, why not come with us, forget your father, he never cared for you anyway!” Derkle pleaded. “No you! Maybe I didn’t question so much back then, maybe I was more closed minded when it came to character arks but damnit I was happy! I don’t want this, I don’t want to be like you! I don’t want to experience this internal conflict, it hurts! IT HURTS SO MUCH!”. RickAndMortyFan69 collapsed in tears as he confronted years of internal conflict all at once; Androux approached RickAndMortyFan69 and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “It isn’t easy; I don’t think it comes naturally to anyone questioning your own core beliefs and world view. I was trapped once; I thought I was happy being a flower picker but the truth is I wanted more but was just afraid to admit it. It wasn’t until I was forced to change that I accepted my true potential, even now it’s hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world. What’ll it be 69 – will you let us help you unlock yourpotential? We’ll support you all the way”.

“Nah, fuck you” replied RickAndMortyFan69, anticlimactically. “I get likes on Facebook for my opinions and have a better taste in fictional media, so there!” he snapped, wiping the tears from his face. “Oh come on RickAndMortyFan, the sooner you accept that you aren’t like your father, the quicker the pain will go away. Sure it will hurt in the short term, but in time you’ll be glad you had the realisation” inputted Mayor Derkle, trying to offer him some additional comfort. “I wasn’t crying because of some internal conflict, I was just thinking of when they killed of Snoke in The Last Jedi, I mean what the fuck? They didn’t even give a detailed explanation of his plans! What were you thinking Rian Johnson?!” shouted RickandMortyFan69, angrily shaking his fist at the sky. Androux took his hand of off his shoulder and looked back at the others. “Well, it was worth a try.”

It was at this point Me-Me smashed through where ordinarily you’d expect there to be a wall on the back of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. “I’m here for you Steve! And I’ll save you all too as gratitude for looking after Steve all this time, come on!”. “Who’s Ste… oh right yeah” Androux said. All of them proceeded to climb aboard the Blue Eyes White Dragon; all of them that is except for RickAndMortyFan69 who refused to team up with Androux and friends to a fault. “Aren’t you coming too?” asked a confused Me-Me. “Fuck that guy” Androux began, “he doesn’t know what’s good for him and we’re all done trying”. All of them including Steve nodded in agreement. Though they had finally escaped the Jupitonians the mood was sombre amongst everyone. Androux in particular seemed torn up about the whole thing. “Androux?” Derkle said softly, “are you okay?” “I… I don’t know; I was so sure he had some great internal conflict going on and that he was really a good guy, I really wanted to see him cast away his resentful bitterness and give happiness a try; I failed him.” “No!” Derkle said more firmly this time, “you didn’t fail him Androux, he failed himself. Some people will never change and I’m afraid you have to accept that. Furthermore if you’re still feeling sorry for him consider this; the source of his resentment was from the fact you didn’t conform to his expectations at a time when he was a total stranger to you. Who is heto dictate how your life should unfold?!” Androux took a moment to contemplate what was said before finally responding, “You’re right, you’re right!” “I’m glad to see you’re coming round because right now we need your leadership; we need to take down Mr The King!”

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