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The day I was arrested by the internet police

I remember that day; I wanted to post something online. It was a good post, or so I thought. I made sure there were no spelling and grammar errors and fact checked it to the best of my ability. “This is it”, I thought to myself, “this is where I leave my mark upon the world for the rest of time”. I genuinely thought I was onto something great. I was ready for the world...

Why the thing you like is actually bad

A Thing you like is GARBAGE and here’s why

So there’s a thing. It’s a thing you like. You enjoy that thing. In fact, lots of people enjoy that thing. That thing is generally considered good. But what if I told you, that actually, that thing you like, that thing lots of people enjoy……….. is actually bad? I know, it’s quite hard to comprehend. I will give you a few minutes to recover from the shock. It’s not every day that someone on YouTube...

The lion and the bear

The Lion and Bear – a masterpiece in horror without even trying

Teletubbies was a children’s TV show that originally aired on BBC 2 from 1997-2001 based around four multi-coloured bear-like creatures with televisions in their stomachs that do…… erm, stuff? Having been born the same year that the show aired Teletubbies was one of the first shows I really became familiar with. As I watched the show when I was very young there’s very little I remember about the show as a whole, except for one...

Hello world!

Hello world!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website! It’s taken a long time and a lot of work to get this up and running so I hope you all like it. This website is basically an online portfolio for all my stuff but I do have plans for a couple of other things as well, so stay tuned!