Arcade mural design

This was a project commissioned by the Bedford Borough Council to design a new mural for the Bedford Arcade. This was a group project where me and my fellow students all worked together in accordance with a singular creative vision. By the end of the project however we each made our own variation of our design idea to pitch to the council. Unfortunately mine wasn’t chosen to be the new mural but you can see the design I planned on here.

My idea involved incorporating the history and heritage of the Bedford Arcade, so I decided to include imagery of the floor plans into my design. We actually went to the Bedford archives to obtain these and we took photos of them so we could use them for our work. I traced some of them into Adobe Illustrator so I could recolour and rearrange them to my will. The centrepiece of my design was to be the plans of the part of the building that the mural would be fitted onto, as during this project I was very interested in contrasting the old with the new. I made two variants of my design utilising slightly different colour schemes and arrangements.

Year 1