For this project we were given the theme of “simulation” which I used to discuss the relation between the real and the simulated. This was probably my favourite project I did whilst I was at college because I got to explore many different ideas and concepts as well getting the chance to try out new artistic mediums. We began the project by collectively studying recreations and reinventions of existing objects. During this time we experimented with different casting materials, such as wax, latex, plaster and PVA glue. In the later stages of the project I went my own way and decided to explore concepts such as simulated reality and the idea of living in a “Post truth” society. These concepts appealed to me as I created this project not long after the Brexit vote in the UK and during the US general election, so I wanted to tie the political climate of the time into my work.

I started this segment of my project by creating some drawings based on the album At War with Reality by At the Gates (namely the song The Book of Sand) as it deals with the idea of magic realism, so I thought I could tie that in with my theme of simulated reality. However, towards the end of the project I decided to move away from this as I wanted to explore more directly political related ideas that led me to create 3 politically charged collages. These collages deal with concepts such as media sensationalism, the loss of freedom and identity, “fake news” and the self destruction of mankind.

Year 1